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The Impact of Social Media


Having a social media presence – often via social media marketing – is critical for online success and is a vital component in telling your brand’s unique story. Quite often social media is the first time an individual will come in contact with your brand, and you can’t afford not to make a good impression! Make sure you are representing yourself well, authentically, and in a valuable and inviting manner.

So, whether you are new to the whole social media world, need a little help setting up and integrating your online social platforms, or are interested in developing a social media strategy, we can help through social media marketing.

What is Social Media Copywriting?

After you get all of your social accounts set up and integrated, you’re going to need to write some social posts. That’s where social media copywriting comes in. Working within your brand’s unique and quirky voice, we will help you craft compelling, shareable, retweetable, likeable, and actionable posts. All of this with the intention of building your brand’s social presence and establishing a community for your business to grow.

And what’s more, we’ll keep your social media platforms going for you – continuing to create amazing content that builds engagement and brand recognition online. Because when you have a business to run, social media is often the last thing on your mind…

So let us do the work for you!

Reputation + Review Management

Our reputation and review management services make your online life so much easier, as we’ll manage and find the best reviews for you. We will come up with strategies that reach your happy clients and customers, and reward them for reviewing you, therefore boosting your rankings and visibility.

Google loves a good review, so let’s make sure your online reputation matches your amazing services and products with our reputation and review management.

Social Media Advertising, PPC, & SEM

Social Media advertising is the future of paid media and ads. It stated out as flyers, then radio advertisement, then television, and then banners online, but the new ads are on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more. And the new advertisers aren’t just stars and actors, they’re influencers.

Let us help take your social media from 1999 to the year 2021 with our social media advertising, PPC, and SEM services. Or, learn more about our paid media services here.


Social Media Marketing Strategies


Creating engaging social media posts is super important, but developing a social media marketing strategy is almost equally as important to your success.

Besides fitting into your overall content marketing strategy, social media marketing can also include things like:

  • Facebook Ads

  • Instagram

  • Google

  • LinkedIn Ads

  • And More!

All of which will help to drive highly targeted potential customers back to your social media page or website, which generates more leads and increased engagement for you.

Social media is a powerful storytelling tool. And when you use it correctly within your business, it can really take your brand to the next level.

Social Media Video Production


Want to go beyond mere photos on your social media profiles? Video is the future, and the future is fast approaching!

AdsVenture Marketing & Promos is a full-service company, which means there is little within the digital arena that we cannot do. If you need video to spice up your social media feed, or if you want to make a splash on YouTube, then consider video as the perfect next step in your social media strategy.

Whether you want a short, 15-second animated video or a 60-second live action review or promo video, we can help plan, produce, and polish your social media videos. Check out our additional video production services here.

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