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This is it, the money-maker. We’re experts at taking that sweet-spot strategy, and developing award-winning, attention-magnetized big ideas around it.

Logo Design

We create logos that bridge the gap between heritage and growth; being simple, surprising and significant so your brand looks approachable and memorable.

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Logos, print ads, icons, illustrations, collateral, identity design: our graphics team has never met a visual challenge it couldn’t surmount. We employ a unique “start-with-your-hands” approach to design that ensures the humanity behind your brand always takes center stage.  Our design team collaborates to ensure every proposed visual solution is ownable, compelling, unique, and on-brand.

We design your brand to stand out


We are a team of designers and brand strategists who can help you distinguish your business through eye-catching logo design. Not only do we unify your content, we create an identity that represents the values and mission your company strives for.

Whether you’re looking to start a new business or redefine an old one, we have the team and track record to design your one of the most memorable parts of your branding.


  • Branding

We feature your brand, beautifully displayed, to inspire audiences, boost reputation, and convey a focused story of who you are and why the world should pay attention.

  • Adaptive and Scalable Logo Design

We help ensure your brand mark is recognizable and impressive on small screens, jumbotrons and everything in between. Whether it's in full color or knock-out, we help it impress.

  • Logo Animation

We can animate your brand mark to evoke emotion or elicit responses. Dynamic displays of your brand can quickly convey key characteristics and surprise and delight.

  • Hand Drawn Illustration

We can craft highly customizable, bold, and bespoke logos for unparalleled authenticity. Hand drawn also leverages white space and minimalism for breathability that is on trend.


+5   The number of interactions it takes before a consumer remembers your brand.


Just a Sample of some of our work

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DS LogoWhite.png
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apfd w ap.jpg
CrossTrailsLogoFINAL (4).png
  • We learn you

We conduct audience, competitor and then stakeholder interviews to identify fertile brand territories and differentiation opportunities.

  • We distill your essence  

Your logo is short form for conveying all that your brand means in its simplest form. We carefully create marks that reinforce your personality and elicit proper emotional responses.

  • We simplify with the times

Modern design is light and lean taking up less visual weight. We can adapt your logo to clean and simplify it while retaining the equity of your heritage.

  • We spotlight your values

Our brand strategy is realized in a logo that highlights your company's core values, personality and culture. We help your logo marry the substance of your brand

We learn everything there is about you


Our first action in developing the perfect logo for you is to hear your story and learn on what makes you who you are and how is it different from the crowd. Our branding strategy experts analyze the learnings and form hypothesis around the narrative which they brainstormed with our creative team and craft a logo that elevates your brand.

We strive to make not just your logo, but your brand stand out among competition and leave head-turning impressions that convert now and ever.

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